Digital Education

These resources consider a wide range of digital education practices, provides ideas for how to blend digital education into your teaching to provide inspiring teaching and learning.

If you are just starting out with online learning or digital education, you may find it useful to check out our dedicated ‘Supporting Student Learning Online’ toolkit pages and support sessions.

the WATT WORKS quick guides

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Introduction to digital education 

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Digital education: Beyond the myths 

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Fostering online community 

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Introduction to e-assessment 

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Design for digital education

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Engaging students through digital media.

Sheila MacNeill discusses how to engage students via digital media.

Digital Teaching Presence

Sheila MacNeill explains the importance of digital teaching presence when supporting student learning online. She provides suggestions for how to develop your digital persona and to ensure that students get a sense of your presence whether teaching in live sessions or on demand e.g. in discussion boards or on your course page.

Broadcast and engagement modes of teaching

Sheila MacNeill outlines the difference between broadcast and engagement modes of teaching, and how and when each might be most effectively used to support students.

Digital wellbeing

Sheila MacNeill highlights the importance of safeguarding our digital wellbeing. In an era where technology means that we can be contacted 24/7 365 days a year, she reminds us that we can switch off and how important it is to do this and to manage expectations about our availability and contactability.

Encouraging student engagement

Sheila MacNeill provides ideas for how to encourage student digital engagement in learning and teaching.

Managing your digital presence

Sheila MacNeill explains the importance of digital presence when teaching online and shares ideas for how to manage your digital identity and presence to engage effectively with students.

Professional digital learning and teaching communities

Sheila MacNeill explains the importance and relevance of digital learning and teaching communities, and suggests a few to get involved in.

Additional Heriot-Watt
Learning and Teaching Resources

The Learning and Teaching Policy Bank

The policy bank provides an alphabetical list of all policy, procedure and guideline documents related to the University’s decisions onacademic matters, particularly learning, teaching and assessment.

Learning Technology

The learning technology team offer a suite of training and support benefit both face-to-face and online learning and teaching, especially in connection with the virtual learning environment. You can find out more about the training available here.

Library resources

The Information Services team provide an Academic Leadership and Development LibGuide. It can be accessed here.

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