Archived resource: The Supporting Student Learning Online Toolkit

The SSLO toolkit is no longer in use at Heriot-Watt, however we recognise that the toolkit resources may still be of interest or use to colleagues therefore the full toolkit is provided here.

About the SSLO toolkit

The Supporting Student Learning Online (SSLO) Toolkit was developed in March 2019 in response to the Covid-19 pandemic move to online learning. The resources were designed for those colleagues rapidly responding to the move to online learning, potentially for the first time. It covers basic tools to maintain communication and support for learning, it is not intended to provide a comprehensive guide to learning and teaching online, but it might spark your interest to learn more. The Toolkit was accompanied by live online support sessions across all campuses.

At a time of rapid change, be pragmatic about what you and your students will be able to engage with. The key priority is to ensure students feel supported. Knowing how to contact the course team and access course materials are key to this.

Using the toolkit

Adapting your assessments

Extensive guidance is available on the adapting your assessments page


This toolkit was developed through collaboration between the Learning and Teaching Academy (LTA) and the Learning and Teaching Enhancement Service (LTES).

We gratefully acknowledge the work of:
LTA staff: Martha Caddell, Rosemarie McIlwhan. | Learning Technologists: Karoline Nanfeldt, Helen McNeill, Mari Cruz Garcia, Lisa Scott, James Igoe, Colin Miller. | Graphic Designer: Cate Sutton. | LTES staff: Sheila Williams, Jamie McIntyre, Phil Booth, Caroline Dobson; and everyone else who contributed to the development of the toolkit directly or indirectly.

Top Tips For Students Engaging with Online Learning was remixed from ‘10 Points to Remember when Learning Online’ by the Union of Students in Ireland, in partnership with the National Forum and Twitter thread by @katesymons2