LTA Support for Schools

Specific LTA staff are nominated as the Lead contact for each School and campus. Each of these Leads works globally and can support cross-campus working as well as cross-school and pan-University sharing of practice. In addition, some LTA staff offer tailored support on specific Campuses.

  • School Leads:


    • EGIS: Alex Buckley and Amanda Pate
    • EPS: Stella Howden and Rob Daley
    • MACS: Rosemarie McIlwhan
    • SoSS: Alex Buckley
    • TexD: Anne Tierney
    • Global College: Rosemarie McIlwhan, Alia Nazor, James Wilson

    Campus leads:


    • Dubai campus: James Wilson
    • Malaysia campus: Alia Nazor
    • Borders Campus: Anne Tierney
    • Orkney Campus: Amanda Pate
    • Edinburgh Campus: Stella Howden, Rob Daley, Alex Buckley

What support is available for Schools?

The support available includes:

  1. Support for School leadership (this includes anyone providing leadership, not just leadership team)
    • Support for programme and course leadership
    • Support for programme development, review and approval / reapproval
    • Collaborating on School learning and teaching plans and projects
    • Input to working groups (where relevant)
  1. Support for individual staff
    • Welcome for all staff new to teaching at Heriot-Watt from named School lead
    • Advice on developing evidence-based, scholarly learning and teaching projects or activities (being a critical friend / coach)
    • Support for dealing with learning and teaching challenges
    • Brokering including introducing people, schools, ideas
    • Sharing relevant information e.g. conference and events (internal and external), calls for proposals, articles etc.
  1. Support with school-specific events and networking
    • Advise on development of L&T events e.g. potential topics, speakers, themes etc.
    • Showcasing and amplifying work in schools and student-facing professional services
    • Encouraging people to share their practice e.g. present at conferences, write articles etc.