Celebrating Excellence in Learning and Teaching

Underpinning all of the work of the LTA is a commitment to recognise, amplify
and celebrate
the inspiring teaching that flourishes across our Heriot-Watt community.

The Learning and Teaching Academy supports the celebration of excellence in teaching by facilitating the
University’s Teaching Excellence Awards and supporting colleagues to gain recognition through external awards, including National Teaching Fellowships.

Celebrating Teaching at Heriot-Watt:
Teaching Excellence Awards

What are the HWU Teaching Excellence Awards?

Heriot-Watt University’s Teaching Excellence Awards recognise individual and team efforts to inspire student learning and innovate in teaching practice. They are a chance to celebrate the creativity and collegiality that flourishes across our global learning community.

2021 Teaching Excellence Awards

This has been an extraordinary year for all involved in teaching and supporting student learning. This year’s Teaching Excellence Awards created an opportunity to pause for a moment and reflect on all that has been achieved.

Applications for the Teaching Excellence Awards will reopen in March 2022.

You can find the full list of 2021 winners and commendations below, or you can download it here.

Heriot-Watt colleagues can access a recording of the 2021 awards ceremony here.


  • Lee Miles (SoTD)
  • Linsey Thomson (EGIS)


  • Mehdi Nazarinia (EPS)
  • Steven Hoo (EPS)
  • Erkal Ersoy (SoSS)
  • Thomas Wong (MACS)


  • David Renato Cavallaro (SoTD)


  • Viknesh Andiappan (EPS)
  • Hebatallah Shoukry and Gule Saman (EPS Graduate Apprenticeships)


  • EGIS Shaping Tomorrow Together Global Course Team
    Alex MacLaren, Guy Walker, Linsey D. Thomson

  • Thomas Wong (MACS), Kai Lin Ong (MACS)


  • EGIS D3 Construction Project, Management and Quantity Surveying
    Craig Kennedy, Graeme Bowles, Bilge Erdogan, Turker Bayrak, Alan Forster,
    Gimhan Godawatte, Stephen Ogunlana, Fiona Grant, Hagir Hakim, Karima Hamani,
    Yasemin Nielsen, Taha Elhag, Lim San Hee, Tan Hai Chen, Goh Cheng Siew, Ashley Hong,
    Dianne Hui Wei Kok, Patrick Quek, Bruce Lee

  • Viknesh Andiappan (EPS), Rebecca Lim Xiao Yien (EPS), Seyedeh Fatemeh Mohsenpour (EPS)


  • Olufemi Adebayo Johnson (EGIS)
  • Olisanwendu Ogwuda (EGIS)
  • Rod Macdonald (EGIS)


  • Maged Youssef (SoTD)

Special Recognitions

  • Ai-Lan Lee (EPS)
  • Wong Voon Loong (EPS)
  • Harpreet Seth, Shameel Muhammed, Alida Bata (EGIS)
  • Paul Dalgarno (EPS)
  • Lyonell Boulton, Fiona Grant, Lee Miles, Christine Rutherford, Gillian Thomson (Directors of Learning and Teaching)
  • George Jaramillo, Mike Just, Hendrik Nahler, Mark Parker, Jane Robertson, Craig Robinson, Guy Walker, Robert Weston (RBL School Leads)
  • Alex MacLaren, Pravinjit Harter, Colin Miller, Alex Buckley, Katharine Jewitt, Anne Tierney, James Igoe, Helen McNeill, Lisa Scott, Martha Gibson, Carol Walker, Hendrik Nahler, Jennie Hansen, Craig Robinson, Rosemarie McIlwhan (RBL Training Team)