LTA resources archive

We release our resources under Creative Commons licence to facilitate the open sharing and reusing of resources. We recognise that whilst some of our resources may no longer be relevant for our purposes at Heriot-Watt University they may still be useful to others, therefore we have created this archive of LTA resources. We hope you find it useful. If you use anything, we’d love to hear about what you’ve used and how – please drop us a line at

Supporting Student Learning Online (SSLO) Toolkit

The Supporting Student Learning Online (SSLO) Toolkit was developed in March 2019 in response to the Covid-19 pandemic move to online learning. The resources were designed for those colleagues rapidly responding to the move to online learning, potentially for the first time. It covers basic tools to maintain communication and support for learning, it is not intended to provide a comprehensive guide to learning and teaching online, but it might spark your interest to learn more. The Toolkit was accompanied by live online support sessions across all campuses. The SSLO toolkit is no longer available online, if you would like further information on it please see the presentation on it at PressEd2020 or contact the LTA.

Responsive Blended Learning

Responsive Blended Learning (RBL) was adopted in June 2019 as the Heriot-Watt approach to learning and teaching during the pandemic. RBL combines active, supported online learning with contextually appropriate face-to-face learning opportunities, responding dynamically to the changing external context. This approach enables students to proceed with their studies alongside their peers, whatever pandemic-related restrictions are lifted or imposed in specific contexts.

Extensive resources were produced to support the implementation of RBL, including a range of staff RBL guides and RBL resources to share with students.

RBL was replaced in May 2022 by Globally Connected Learning as the core teaching model at Heriot-Watt University. Globally Connected Learning provides a pedagogically-appropriate blend of online and on-campus learning. It guides practice across the full suite of Heriot-Watt’s educational offer, undergraduate and post-graduate, campus-focused, online and workplace provision.