New to Teaching

Starting out in teaching may seem a bit daunting at first, however help is at hand.
The Learning and Teaching Academy is here to support you throughout your teaching career.

Getting Started in Teaching Workshops

The Learning and Teaching Academy will be holding two Getting Started in Teaching Sessions at the start of semester 1, and further sessions throughout the year. These consist of two workshops. They are designed to support anyone new to teaching and are open to staff or postgraduate students who are teaching. More information, along with the dates and times of forthcoming sessions, is available on the events page.

New to Teaching Network

The Heriot-Watt New to Teaching Network is a community of practice facilitated by the Learning and Teaching Academy.
It is designed to provide support for all those within their first three years of teaching and supporting learners at Heriot-Watt.
It will meet monthly to explore and share practice and to support members as they work through the early stages of their teaching careers.

Each month we will be running two sessions on a single theme (at times to suit staff across all our campuses) with the expectation that participants will attend just one of these sessions. The sessions will be discursive in nature and will offer you the opportunity to share challenges and successes in your teaching with other Network members, and to gain ideas and resources to support you in developing your teaching practice.
A member of staff from the Learning and Teaching Academy will facilitate each session.

More information, along with the dates and times of forthcoming sessions, is available on the events page.

If you have any questions regarding this network then please contact Dr Rob Daley via

In At The Deep End

This resource aims to help you cope well with those first critical elements of your work in teaching in higher education. It also provides tips and tactics that may be useful to those of you more experienced in university teaching, adding further insight and approaches to your repertoire.
Read 'In at the Deep End'

In this video, Prof. Phil Race provides hints and tips for new lecturers.
These draw on the resource In at the deep end.

The LTA host a New to Teaching Network.
This is a space for people new to teaching and those new to teaching at Heriot-Watt to come together to share ideas and experiences.
It provides an opportunity to develop contacts within the university and to extend your understanding of teaching at Heriot-Watt.

If you would like to join the New to teaching network email