Current Projects


We would like to share with you the successful mini-projects in our first round of funding. These represent the breadth of activity and creativity across the institution, reflecting the dedication of staff in supporting a sense of community at local and global levels.

We encourage you to think about applying for mini-project funding if you have an idea which supports community within the institution and its environs. Our next call for funding will be in June 2021.

Strengthening Student Communities for Resilience

Leads School Project
Cheng Siew Goh EGIS Making Visualised Learning for Innovation – Virtual Reality in Construction
Stella Galimpin Prof. Services Do Anything Better: A Podcast for Students by Students
Morgain Reed EPS Physics Department Minecraft Server
Chia Ping Lee EPS Future of Digital Learning in Building Resilient Learning Communities – ePALS
Ahmed Mohr Tazree HWUM Happiness Forum 2021 Resilience in Learning: Positive Education Achieving Human Potential in the most Challenging Time
Deborah Hall SoSS Beyond blended learning. The Digital Impact Statement workshops as a community-based model for developing resilience skills.
Choon Lih Hoo EPS Transformation of Professional Development through Digital Learning – Makerz Club Online

Staff-focused community building

Leads School Project
Saman Gule EPS Turning Adversity into Opportunity – Learning from Graduate Apprentice Programme Team
Hendrik Nahler EPS Design and constructive alignment of assessment methods with learning outcomes in STEM subjects based on evidence from RBL and COVID-19

Connecting Beyond Our Campuses: Learning with our HWU Local Communities

Leads School Project
George Jaramillo and Angela Cassidy TexD Knitted Tomographies:  Material translations of place in Galashiels – Linking students with the community
Marlene Muller EBS/SoSS Building Resilient Partnerships [BRP]: A horizontal support system between alumni and honours students
Grace Smith TexD Textiles & Design Online Workshop – Student-designed workshop for schools

Institutional priority work

Postgraduate Taught Community

Leads School Project
Campbell Powrie and Lara Stroudinsky Prof. Services Developing and Embedding Peer to Peer Support within the Heriot Watt Student Community during and post Covid Pandemic.
Maggie King Prof. Services The Student and Staff View: What makes a resilient taught postgraduate community?