The LEADS programme

The LEADS programme is closed.

If you are new to teaching please see our ‘New to Teaching’ support.

If you have some teaching experience and want to develop this further then see our ‘Learning about Learning’ pathway.

Learning Enhancement and Development Skills (LEADS) was designed to contribute to the first stage of an academic career.The entire Programme ran over 10 sessions to achieve Heriot-Watt University Teacher Status, with Tutor and Marker Status obtained at the end of Session 8.

The LEADS programme aligned with the UK Professional Standards Framework for Higher Education. Successful completion of the Programme qualified students as Associate Fellows of the Higher Education Academy (AFHEA).

Heriot-Watt University prides itself on the quality of its students’ learning experience. The LEADS Programme supported participants to:

  • Plan a successful teaching episode that engages students
  • Take account of intercultural and transcultural learning and teaching in their interactions with undergraduate and postgraduate students
  • Take account of disability and be able to use UK and Heriot-Watt University policies and procedures to give all students the best possible support for learning and assessment
  • Assess student learning, so that educators know if the support they have offered has been effective
  • Evaluate and give a critically reflective account of their teaching
  • Plan the next steps in developing their teaching as part of their academic career

Who was LEADS for?

The programme was designed for Heriot-Watt University research students or research assistants who had a teaching responsibility and aspired to Heriot-Watt University Tutor/Marker or Teacher status.

LEADS students had to have an opportunity to demonstrate their teaching practice, to have this observed and to receive mentoring feedback. To be accepted on the programme, they needed to be teaching a group of UG or Master’s students for a minimum of 4 sessions during the programme period. An observed teaching session formed part of the programme assessment.

Support for those new to teaching

The LEADS programme has now closed. If you are new to teaching (e.g. Tutor, Demonstrator, Marker etc) then please see our New to Teaching Support in the first instance.